by To Languish

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released November 29, 2019

To Languish is Jonna Wiberg and Cauli Honoré
Music written and performed by To Languish

Artwork by Autojektor

Engineered, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fabian Schulz at Sunsetter Recording Studio. Bremen, Germany.
Vocals recorded by Jim Nurminen at studio blue. Stockholm, Sweden.

Additional guest vocals
Track 1 - Red Aldrige from Petrol girls.
Track 3 - Yasmin Lauren from Kodos
Track 9 - Elsa Lezzzagon from Drei affen/Osoluna


all rights reserved



To Languish Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Disdain ft. Ren, Petrol girls
It has become so obvious
To me and all my sisters
That we see through you
You treat me like men
Are treating women
Perched and frigid, cawing like infants
You define me in relation
To what you think is true
And the contention that we should be equal
Leaves you in disdain
Track Name: Unknown sister
To be able to relate to others
Is not something I’m used to
I just want to find someone
Who feels the way I do
So I don’t have to disparage myself
But when heterogeneous
Disperse in majority
A dime a dozen is unlikely
Track Name: Better on my own ft. Yasmin, Kodos
Sometimes its required to remove
Toxic people from your life
In order to protect yourself
I’m always worried that people
Are only using me on purpose
There was never any me
There was only ever you
So I’m not sorry
For cutting you off
And I’m not sorry
For feeling better
Track Name: M(a)lady
There is no circumventing with malady
Constant touch of mal-de-mer
Trudging with pellucid ulcers
My endeavors just seems trite
Track Name: The roses of heliogabalus
Let the rose pink heavens
Fall down on me
Let the sea of flowers
Swallow me whole
Drown me, smother me
Petals caress my bare skin
As they slowly fall down
The only thing i can do
Is accepting this
Head to toe
Unease paves its way
As i wish it away
Track Name: Entracte
Track Name: Not str8 can't rel8
My skin was never an invitation
Maybe only in your imagination
My existence is not about
How desirable you find me
Be sure to read this dictum from my lips
Since you are unable to take a no
Straight men are repugnant and callow
My heart only subsist for sapphic women
Track Name: Sisters not cisters
What makes sisterhood great
We set aside our differences
To be able to comfort eachother
Our core rests upon humility
And marching together onward
But it’s important to not forget
To not lose yourself to vanity
And expect others support for you
When your ego stays in the way
Of you supporting others
Track Name: Transfever ft. Elsa, Drei affen
Sabes lo duro que es para alguien
que viene de tan lejos.
(Do you know how hard it is
For one who has come this far)
The stuff i've had to hear
And the leers i had to bear
Por que no me dejarías tener mi propia
(Why won't you let me have my own)
Experience rather than cis-people
Proyectas tus nociones erróneas
(Project their misguided notions)
Feminism must not be a tool
To quiet trans experiences
Words shrouded in insularity
Track Name: You're so brave, i couldn't
You are so intent on
Seeing what you wish
Cherry picking opinions
Like fruit fallen from trees
And leave those behind
Which lacked banality
Just like you choose
Comfort over action

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